pcidev - PCI device viewer

Version 1.0 2008 Jun 17

Download pcidev1v0.exe - self-extracting zip file

Download pcidev1v0.zip - zip file

The source file pcidev.f and turnkeyed executable pcidev.exe scan the PCI bus using direct hardware access and display the PCI configuration space registers for each PCI device, ordered by PCI class code. A single class can also be displayed using .ClassCodes to view the numbers and n .PCI to display just that class.

Now with a user interface to select the class to display!

The program is written in the SwiftForth dialect of ANS Forth. A turnkeyed executable is supplied - pcidev.exe which displays one or all the PCI class codes.

The program uses the GiveIO.sys driver under WinXP/2K/NT. The GIVEIO.SYS Windows NT system driver was written by Dale Roberts and isr is documented in the May 95 issue of Dr. Dobbs Journal in the "Direct I/O and Windows NT" article.

The program is supplied as is, in the hope that it may be useful, but you use it entirely at your own risk.


Howerd Oakford  2008 Jun 17