Updated 2002 September


My attitude about software is that it expresses ideas that cannot be owned. Attempting to assert ownership is undesirable and impossible.

So, although colorForth is infinitely valuable, I place it in the Public Domain to make it freely available to anyone for any purpose. There is plenty of money to be made by porting code, programming applications and teaching.

I am having a fine time using colorForth. I won't spend much time promoting it. This site is my attempt to gauge the market. I will rigidly control the version I use.


The 2001 July 31 version is available for download.


This is what I'm working on, priority on top.


Here's a list of colorForth code I'd like to have. I'll post the best code with credit to the author.


Although I have no particular interest in other platforms, colorForth could easily be ported. The kernel that needs to be recoded is quite small. The major difficulty is gaining experience with the computer and its interfaces. These have been suggested: