Updated 2001 July 26


A dialect of Forth that uses color to replace punctuation. Includes its own operating system. Produces extremely compact programs. Instant compile from pre-parsed source.

VLSI design tools

A suite of tools for layout and simulation. Compact description of gates, cells and chip. Resulting GDS II file ready for fabrication.

25x Multicomputer Chip

Spectacular chip! 25 microcomputers, each with 512 words of 18-bit memory. Each capable of 2400 Mips, sustained. Awaiting funding.


colorForth applications, chips.

Chuck Moore


Lives in the redwoods west of Silicon Valley. Loves to hike the Pacific Crest Trail.

Wife Min is a spinner. Son Eric is a military historian.


Sometimes the pros say it best. To be perfectly clear, I've emphasized some lines.

Coloring, Sarah Hall Maney

Road Not Taken, Robert Frost

Mending Wall, Robert Frost

Ulysses, Alfred Lord Tennyson

The Explorer, Rudyard Kipling