colorForth is a minimalistic operating system for an x86 PC

2022 Apr 19

colorForth cf2022 edition has arrived!



colorForth is a simple dialect of Forth created by the inventor of Forth, Chuck Moore.

cf2022 is a distribution that runs on a Windows PC in bochs, or natively from a USB drive.


Download cf2022_Issue_2022Apr08.7z colorForth system packaged with Bochs.

Download the zip file here 

Latest cf2022 distribution documentation : cf2022_colorForth.pdf


New : Forth2020 Group : my “colorForth_cf2022_Under_the_Hood.pptx PowerPoint file :


Sneak preview - code for Forth 2020 Zoom meeting : cf2022_2022Apr21.7z





Forth2020 Facebook Group : mycf2022 what’s new in 2022” video

and the PowerPoint file :


Unzip the 7z or zip file and run go.bat to run the cf2022.img image in the bochs PC emulator.


Now available on GitHub


And SourceForge : 

Bug reports, feedback and comments to  Howerd Oakford



cf2022 uses BIOS calls to access a USB drive, so it is not necessary to have a floppy disk drive to run natively!

Full assembler source file, NASM assembler, colorForth source and batch files to create the colorForth image, and run it in the bochs emulator.

Real colorForth running on (just about) any Windows PC.

bochs is available from    Thank you to all the bochs developers...

Download the previous zip file here 

Presentation by Howerd Oakford at colorForth_KüstenForth-Treffen.pptx

colorForth_in_Black_and_White.pdf   PDF file

colorForth_in_Black_and_White.pptx PowerPoint


Presentations by Howerd Oakford at EuroForth 2019 :

And from EuroForth 2017 :  cryptoColorForth.pdf  PDF file

Video : cryptocolorforth.mp4

How to load a Forth App:

See also The colorForth Magenta Variable and colorForth and the Art of the Impossible , my first impressions of colorForth.



Legacy – requires a floppy disc drive to run natively :

cf2012bochs colorForth system packaged with Bochs

Download the zip file here  and self-extracting zip file here cf2012bochs2012Oct21release.exe

cfdos is a DOS program to display colorForth pre-parsed source blocks. This program will work on any computer that runs or emulates DOS, and allows you to view colorForth source, in both normal and "colour blind" mode. It features a file listing utility (F6) which displays all files of type *.BLK in the same directory, and can copy them to a formatted floppy disk. colorForth Explorer Edition is the latest colorForth stand-alone operating system, packaged together with a Windows/DOS program to display colorForth source and create bootable floppy disks.

Don't be deceived by the fact that colorForth boots from a floppy - this is an experimental state-of-the-art operating system for a PC.

See The colorForth Magenta Variable and colorForth and the Art of the Impossible  my first impressions of colorForth .