Inventio Software 5d Processor Board
DS89C450 processor, 64K FLASH, built-in boot-loader program, 22.1184MHz clock
Simple PC application to upload firmware via the serial port, takes 20 seconds
32K battery backed SRAM, 64K EPROM socket
RS232 serial port, IDC10 ribbon cable connect to PC via female 9 way D-type
RS485 Modbus serial port plus 12/24V power on 0.2" connector for easy field wiring
26 way IDC ribbon cable connector for connection to custom analog board
40 key 8x5 keypad array, interrupt driven
I2C connector with power, for simple expansion
240x128 pixel graphical LCD, sunlight readable, adjustable contrast & backlight,
Real Time Clock with trim adjustment, standard LR2032 lithium coin cell
Switched mode 5.0V power supply, runs off unregulated 7.0 to 35V DC,
1.3W ( 110mA @12V ) with LCD including backlight, 0.4W ( 34mA @ 12V ) no LCD.
Buzzer for audible warning
Mounting holes for IS-Enclosure1 case
160 x 145 mm x 15mm height excluding LCD, 28mm height includeg LCD
Forth software library for simple, robust programming
Our first project using the IS5d - the Westweigh CBC-02
Our first project using the IS5d, the Westweigh CBC-02 showing the IS-Enclosure1 and matching keypad
The IS-Enclosure1 is 190x250x90mm, diecast aluminium IP66 sealed with one M20 and three M16 cable glands
The IS5d connected to an old QC Technology Titrette analog board
The IS5d Processor board shown here without its LCD
Price guide
IS5d 1 to 9 : 120, 10 : 96 including LCD and ribbon cable
IS-Enclosure1 1 to 9 : 80, 10 : 64 including keypad and cable glands
Custom keypad design 200 one off fee, MOQ 50.
PC uploader program - free
Custom firmware - surprisingly low prices!
All prices exclude VAT
Please contact us for more product details and a quotation
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