Inventio Software Ltd - registered as a computer consultancy in the UK since 1985, and as a limited liability company 7th July 2000

Technical : Howerd Oakford   Admin : Rita Oakford
Mobile (+44) 07954 580 833  (+44) 01923 778483  (+49) 0176 22623235
email : howerd (at) inventio (dot) co (dot) uk

Company No. 04029064 
Inventio Software Ltd, Loudwater Farm, Loudwater Lane, Rickmansworth, WD3 4 HG, UK
Delivery Address :
Howerd Oakford, Schlossstrasse 37, 38448 Wolfsburg, Germany

Howerd Oakford specialises in real-time, embedded, internet enabled programming where program size, speed or reliability are critical.
Also the hardware to run it on - micro-controller instrumentation and system design.
Click here for my CV in PDF file format, or download a more detailed version format here.
I like the Forth programming language.

Rita Oakford specialises in making sure that Inventio Software runs smoothly...

Inventio is Latin for "discovery". Software is what makes a computer do what you want.

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