Forth is a computer language and design philosophy that emphasises simplicity

Forth Techie page - lots of Forth code
Hint : when searching for Forth related material on the Internet, use “in Forth” as the string, as this excludes the use of the English word “forth” as in “back and forth”.

E.g. Google for "in forth" tutorial
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Forth on Wikipedia

 comp.lang.forth on Google Groups
Forth, Inc.  ANS Forth supplier
Micro Processor Engineering 
ANS Forth supplier
HolonForth , HolonJ for Java, HolonX for XML -
a novel database Forth/Java/XML environment
Forth Interest Group
Silicon Valley Forth Interest Group
Forth Java applet
- try our Forth online!

Forth Books Online
Programming a Problem Oriented Language - Chuck Moore's original book
Starting Forth the classic book for beginners by Leo Brodie
Thinking Forth the second Forth book by Leo Brodie

Forth History

Forth Tutorials
Introduction to the Forth Programming Language by R.J Zydenbos
A Forth Underview by Peter Knaggs
A Brief Introduction to Forth
by Phil Koopman
pForth reference manual
also in French, German and Chinese
gForth manual
ANS standard FAQs
Forth Wikis
TheForth Net (requires login) – by Gerald Wodni and Anton Ertl

Wikipedia Forth_(programming_language)
Forth Comments
Why Forth - a personal view, very much the same as my own, from Brad Rodriguez
Forth Versus C - Some Infrequently Asked Questions why you should use Forth
Forth and Not C - a personal view and maybe why you shouldn’t ;-)
Chuck Moore's new development in Forth - colorForth - not ANS
colorForth distros and support tools download DOS/Windows colorForth utilities
StrangeGizmo - colorForth resources on the Web
colorForth and the Art of the Impossible – my first impressions of a very special langauge
The colorForth Magenta Variable - my favourite variable

colorForth on Google Groups